Tank Installations

tank1If you are building a new home or business and ready to install a propane tank or if you need to replace your old propane tank, Baygas can help. We provide expert installation of all sizes of durable, top-quality propane tanks.

tankThe propane tank installation process usually begins with either an office visit or a phone call to our office. In an effort to determine what size propane tank will serve your needs, our representative will ask you a series of questions regarding what the propane tank will be used for, what appliances may be using propane, or if this is a new construction home or business.

Our highly trained specialists will work with you from start to finish on your tank installation, helping you to choose the right location and tank size, prepare the site, deliver and connect your tank to your home or business. All tank installations include a complete propane system safety check, and each new customer is provided with safety information that describes the properties and characteristics of propane.

Temporary Tank Installations

tanktempBaygas also provides temporary tank installation and service for customers. Our expert technicians ensure that those tanks are ready to serve various situations, including commercial roofing, moisture control, metal stress relieving and specialty events. Complementing the temporary propane tank installation are on-call deliveries that can be arranged for 24-hour service. We know that propane demand is critical to the successful completion of any job. That’s why you can rely on Baygas to be there on time, as scheduled.